End games of Johan Bastiaannet
(English translation: Tom Kieboom)

1. Johan Bastiaannet                       Februari 7, 2014

    Central in this rather simple end game              is the inevitable attack of the white king           to four black men.

    Both the D- and main variant culminates
    in a Coup Manoury to either square 18
    or square 22.
    The main variant echoes, in a way, the             variant  D.
In particular, this modest echo-effect triggered me to compose the end game below!

The variants A and B let see that black cannot escape by a break through (40) or the move (27).
Alternatively, black will be defeated by a beautiful double offer by white's move 40!
First, the main variant: 16! (37AB) 40!, 2 (18CD) 7 (27) 22 +.

The four variants A, B, C en D are shown below, respectively, on the moment after white's last move, so all with black to move.  

2. Johan Bastiaannet                       March 11, 2014

    This mini end game is for many years quite popular for                     end-game composers. 

    But it is questionable if this also the case for the supporters of         end games.

    White kings that can move to almost any direction, are not                 always that much appreciated.

Nevertheless: the six black men are badly positioned and can be beaten easily by the two white men. In the main variant black can somewhat limit his loss of pieces. On the other hand, white will attack again the remaining four black men, with a deadly ending for black.

Notice the very unique B-variant: the position after 31! is only possible with a shot - not with a move - towards square 31.

First, again the main variant: 1 (39AB) 15, 4! (28CD) 25 (32) 20 (37) 47 +.

The three most important variants are shown below and can be played with black to move, starting after white's last move. 


3. Johan Bastiaannet                        November 4, 2014
By accident, this position 23, 34/24, 38,D36 appeared on the         board. Black to move looses in two variants, inwhich he is                 allowed to get a king. In both cases, that black king is lost by  a         well-known catch-position. 
    My question was, however, is it possible to catch these two as a     duo? Probably not yet. So, there was a challenge to go further         with this situation. 
    Quite readily, I discovered the position shown below, an                     extension by which a mini end game appeared with variant A,         consisting of various sub-variants.  

The square choice in variant B is just a minor issue, isn't it? 

On the left below the main variant: 4 (18AB) 36 (28C) 41! (39) 5 (44) 24-19 +. 
On the right the important variant A: (19) 36, 41! (29D) 47 (39) 33 (28) 35 (32E) 24 (37) 47 +.

Here are the variants B en C of the main variant:    

Finally, the sub-variants D and E of variant A.

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