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(English translation: Tom Kieboom)
Roel Boomstra:

Some arrangements made on
an idea of Pim Meurs.

The 2nd one is not completely
right (Sharp Rules), due to the
windmill shot.

The 4th one I like the most.

Tjalling Goedemoed:
Disapproval of the windmill
shot is old-fashioned, it's OK.

Eric van Dusseldorp:
The 4th one is top.

Windmill shot by a king is OK
in such a game-like problem.
Idem dito for a windmill shot
by a man as high-light in a
fantasy composition.

The opposition in the 3rd one
may be seen as not sharp.
For such a game-like composition:
no problem for me.

Tom Kieboom:
Roel, may I put one of these
composition as 3rd one in the
Showroom? Please choose yourself.

Roel Boomstra:
I prefer an older one (see diagram),
that was created on the basis of a
rapid draughts game with Wouter
Sipma on internet.

Black's response 3-8 after white's 
first move 29-24! is the best one,
against white's possible move
2.30-25 followed by 3.24-29+.

(See further the solution given
on top of the diagram to the left)

Tjalling Goedemoed:
By far, the 4th one is the most
The move 34-30 is well-hidden.
The two forcings also hide the
course of the combination.
Finally the end-stroke of the king
resembles music notes.

May I use the 4th one for my
column 'Forcings' in De Problemist.

Roel Boomstra: fine!

Tom Kieboom:
Thanks fot the quick service.
Sunday, your composition is in
the Showroom, Roel!
Do you know where and when it
was published?

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