End games of Gerrit de Bruijn
(Translation: Tom Kieboom)

1. Gerrit de Bruijn                                De Problemist April 2001

    In the first end game black has two
    possibilities after white's second king
    move 32-27. Therefore, two applets.
    Left: The course from the beginning. 
    Black is able to get a second king, but
    the black kings cannot escape from
    the threat of the Coup Gagnon!
    Right: Position after white's second
    move, the only alternatif for black to
    get a second king. Whie responds with
    a king exchange to withhold black!

2. Gerrit de Bruijn                                De Problemist June 2012
    This end game has also two variants, that can be played by the
    applets given below.

    Left: The main variant is given here, from the initial position.
    White cannot prohibit that black gets a king, but is able to catch
    it just in time through a number of moves!

    Right: Position after white's second move. Black promotes to
    king on another square. White ha to offer his king to catch the
    black king and wins by double opposition.

3. Gerrit de Bruijn                                De Problemist October 2014
    This end game composition contains two main variants A and B,
    both consisting of a number of sub-variants ('T-crossings') that
    are worthwhile to play. Therefore, five applets are given below.
    In addition, there are even another number of sub-variants,
    not given here for the moment.

    The first three applets show the main variant A.   
    Left:      The first variant from begin to end.
    Center: Position and course after white's 11th move: black plays 19-23.
    Rechts:  Position and course after white's 2nd move: black playes 12-18.

The next two applets show the two variants of the main variant B, inwhich black after white's first
move did not play 8-12 but 3-9 instead.

Left:        The course of the first variant from the initial position of the end game composition.
Right:      The position and course of the second variant after white's fourth move: black now plays 8-12.
                 Here, the game ends in the well-known Timoneda motif.

Again: Too heavy stuff, that last end game composition? No problem. De Bruijn also has,
in his own words, 'chosen three simple positions, babes, that every draughter will appreciate'.
These three 'babes' of Gerrit can be found and played in the Showroom!

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