Rob Spijkers (3rd draft, January 1, 2017)

 A short description of the term 'Motif' plus a number of examples is given on the webpage Motifs.
See also the overview (in Dutch): at the bottum you'll see the growth data of the MotifMine from 2007-2017.

This draft contains side solutions that have not yet indicated by BO.
Check-up on this by users and other volunteers is required.
Each correction is therefore very welcomed by Rob Spijkers!

English translation of the Dutch headings in the MotifMine databases:
De MotiefMijn = The MotifMine  |  deel = part
zwart = black  |  white = wit  |  auteur / jaar = author / year  |  bron / jaar = source / year  |  extra = extra

Introduction Abbreviations part  0 part  1 part  2 part  3A part  3B
MM codes 0101-0424 1001-1451 2001-2441 3001-3022 3030-3040

Contains now digitally 35,034 of the 56,129 motifs of the MotifMine. 
For information of the parts 3C and higher and contributions to the MotifMine: send an e-mail to Rob Spijkers.

Explanation of the MM code for motifs as illustrated by the famous Timoneda motif:
3001 01.06.25(--) = --(02)

    The four-digits code denotes, respectively, the number of black men,
    black kings, white men and white kings that the motif contains.

    In this case: 3 BP, 0 BK, 0 WP, 1 WK -> 3001.
    Next, the position of the black men, here on squares 01, 06 and 25,
    and those of the black kings between brackets, here no king (--).
    So, 01.06.25(--).
    Finally, those of the white men and kings, here no man --, king on 02.
    So, --(02).

Searching a motif
Click above on the desired file 0, 1 of 2, the first digit of the four-digits code of the motif.
One may simply scroll through the file chosen, or one may use the search function [Ctr+F].
For the four-digits code as well as for the positions of the black or white pieces.

You may give it a try to search for this KvD 1941-2016 jubilee motif.

    Two black and two white men, no kings, motif-code:
    2020  16.20(--) = 19.41(--)

    [Ctr+F] and type 2020 + [Enter]:  shows the beginning of this motif file.
    Type 16.20(--) + [Enter]: shows the first motif with this black position.
    Type 19.41(--) + [Enter]: shows the motif searched for.

     Combination of the search function and scrolling works faster in this case.

The MotifMine ('MM') 
Has been constructed in the 90's by Rob Spijkers* and counts nowadays even
56,129 motifs, that gradually will be digitalized. A 'gold mine' of motifs,  not
that well-known by draughts players and problemists.

It is agreed with Rob to place the motifs collection, step-by-step, in digital
format (35,034 present already) in order to make it fully available on-line.
In this way, the MotifMine will become worldwide accessible!
You may easily scroll through the data of MM to check if a motif is known or not.

You can also send an e-mail,,  containing the motif in the desired code.

Extra info is very wellcome, e.g. author, date, solution and first date of publication,
in order to be able to add new motifs to the 'MM' collections!

*     With the help of Johan Konings and Kees van de Ruit, ánd the motif collections of Zonnenveld en de Zwart.
       From the collection of Wim de Zwart, 'Purveyor', 15,560 new motifs have been obtained!

Finally, thanks to Ad de Hoon, who came in 2015 with the triggering remark: "I miss the motifs on the website."

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