South Africa                             

Leen de Rooij visited this beautiful country mid 2015 and was inspired by its five big animals:

lion, rhinoceros, elefant, leopard, and buffalo!

During his trip, see also his full report of the trip in Dutch, Leen composed five draughts problems, all ending with
two black men on positions 5 ('Kruger park' in the north-east) and 36 ('Cape Town' in the south-west), while a white
king may end on the positions
14, 19, 23, 28, 32, 37 or 46. These South-Africa holiday compositions can be seen,
solved and/or played below, in the above-mentioned order of the big animals!

Finally, Leen de Rooij made an additional two animal-inspired draughts compositions,
called 'springbok' and 'crocodile', respectively:

Hopefully, you have enjoyed these holiday-compositions as much as
the author has enjoyed his trip to and in South Africa!

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