Welcome to the official website of the 'Society of Draughts Composing' in the Netherlands.

As the site is partly in Dutch, you'll find below an English Guide to our draughts (checker) website.
In the meantime, we are doing our best to make the site more and more bilangual (Dutch-English), as you will see below.

In addition, this guide helps you enjoying m
any interesting items presented without any knowledge of the Dutch language.

   Also in an English version!
    This column presents the latest developments of this draughts site, information about other
    draughts-related subjects and a link to the daily news given by the draughts news site Alldraughts.com. 

Moving diagrams
The site contains many 'moving diagrams' that allow to play and replay a great number of the most beautiful
draughts compositions, so there the language doesn't matter! Three examples are given below from the draughts players

Roel Boomstra, Pim Meurs and Arjen Timmer, that can be played on your screen by pushing the buttons of the applets:

   Showroom: moving diagrams with text in English too!
    A great variety of compositions that can be enjoyed: small, big, both game-related
    and phantasy starting positions, shot-combinations, forcings and end games.    
    Just scroll through the nine pages of the showroom, like in an art gallery presenting
    both realistic and abstract works of various  artists with divergent styles.

    Skip those compositions you don't like:  every draughts player or composer will
    have a different taste, both for art and draught compositions!

Collections of compositions in English!
With the moving diagrams you are able to view a number of other compositions, in addition to the 
Showroom:  exciting combinations in  draughts problems, games, forcingsend-gamesmotifs, and curiosa.
Click on the abovementioned underlined items and enjoy!

Pictures and drawings are really international: see our photogallery of draughts-related persons and events, together
with links to further information by clicking on either the pictures or underlined text!

Draughts Working Place, with an English translation!
Put here your "disabled" compositons for help. May-be, other draught composers are able to repair or reconstruct
your idea to an acceptable, or even better, beautiful draughts problem.

The site also contains a Dutch-French-English dictionary for those who wants to see and know what the meaning of
the various Dutch draught-related words and expressions are. Translations of some links used on the Dutch home page:
problemen               problems
partijen                     games
forcings                    forcings
eindspelen               end games
publicaties               publications
boeken                     books
nieuws                      news
fotogalerie               photo gallery
klik hier                     click here
week                          week
So, many Dutch words do resemble the English ones, don't they?

De Problemist
As the Dutch language cannot really be a problem to understand the draughts diagrams and related notations
of the moves in our bimonthly journal "De Problemist": try our December 2014 issue on-line!
Although you will see that part of the 40 pages is filled with Dutch text, this issue contains approximately 250
draughts diagrams with moving notations that almost speak for themselves.

You want to go a step futher and rnsider to take a subscription to "De Problemist"?
The costs are only € 35 per year for six issues of circa 40 pages each.
Just send an e-mail to André Schokker and he will help you further with great pleasure! 

Contact persons
Don't hesitate to contact us for questions, remarks or contributions for our journal and website!
For names and addresses of all the editors click here.

Last but not least: we will do our best to grow, step-by-step, to a more Dutch-English bilangual draughts (checker)
website and, may-be, eventually, journal. Allthough we do realize: "It is a hell of a job" and will take "some time".
Let's make draughts (checkers), again, an internationally respectful game, by playing as well as composing, that's the message!  

Last but not least: Dutch texts on our web pages can be easily translated in any other language
through www.bing.com/translator: mark the text you would like to be translated, click on it with
your right mouse button and choose your language: voilá!

English home page 
For your convenience, the items with links to the various web pages have been divided in three categories:

very well understandable without any notice of the Dutch language, as they contain (i) many draughts
diagrams, either moving or together with move notations, (ii) an English translation or summary or (iii) are in English!

Items in underscore:
understandable with some notice of the Dutch language in combination with the diagrams and notations given.

Items in italics:
publications and stories in Dutch without or with only a few diagrams that require knowledge of some Dutch.

So, you're now ready to visit our site via our English  page!
Any comment is highly appreciated by the webmaster, Tom Kieboom !