Showroom of beautiful draughts compositions

According to the composer or collegues, with white on move and wins, in moving diagrams!

A great variety of compositions that can be enjoyed: small, big, both game-related and phantasy starting positions, shot-combinations, forcings and
end games. 
Just scroll through the nine pages of the showroom, like in an art gallery presenting both realistic and abstract works of various  artists with
divergent styles.
Just skip those compositions you don't like:  every draught player or composer will have a different taste, both for art and draught
Underlined names and words contain links to additional information of the authors and their compositions.
On purpose, the way white can win is not given by notation in order to allow you to solve the draughts problems instead of just playing and seeing
the result!
Comments between "quotation marks" are from the authors. Unfortunately, all comments are still only in Dutch (English translation will be made in
due time). On the other hand, without understanding of the authors' comments or comments from others, you may fully enjoy the draught compositions,
as the pieces, moves and shots will speak for themselves in these beautiful combinations! 

The draught compositions on the next pages have been arranged in alphabetical order of the authors' names:

Aandagt, M

Avid, G

Bakumets, A

Bastiaannet, J

Berg, D van den

Berg, H van den

Boogaard, J van den

Boomstra, R

Bruijn, G de

Burger, P

Burggraaff, J

Bus, JCR

Chattellon, K

Cnossen, L J

Cremer, G

Deursen, PWN van

Diels, MW

Dienske, J

Dopheide, W

Doubovy, N

Douwes, D

Douwes, MT

Dusseldorp, E van

Dijk, J van

Dijk, M van

Dijk, P van

Dijkstra, O

Eisma, N

Ermakov, J

Feddema, LThJ

Fermin, HA

Fjodorov, BP

Gaans, F van

Goedemoed, Tj

Golubev, A

Gortmans, GL

Ham, PJ

Hauschild, J

Hemminga, K

Hermelink, FWJ

Heusdens, R

Heijden, H van der

Hobbelen, JW

Hurk, H van den

Jong, AJ de

Jong, R de

Jurg, A

Jurg, W

Jurriëns, C

Kerkdijk, G

Kieboom, T (APG)

Kleen, D

Klis, M van der

Konings, J

Korteling, SJ

Kroesbergen, M

Kruijswijk, KW

Kuilen, C van de

Kuijper, P

Kuyken, A

Larose, JP

Leeuwen, F van

Lemmen, JM

Lente, W

Lepsic, M

Lere, J

Leushuis, JAF

Linde, G van der

Maasland, A

Matus, V

Meurs, PP

Miedema, A

Morkus, B

Mourik, AD van

Nederlof, AA

Nikolaev, A

Noordhuis, AG


Ottink, AJA

Pennings, JA

Perepelkin, SA

Plasschaert, EN

Polman, AA

Post, G

Puertolas, M

Renooij, A

Riupassa, D

Roggeveen, R

Ron, WA de

Rooij, L de

Roozenburg, P

Ruiter, D de

Sabater, M

Schaaf, C. van der

Schaap, C

Scheijen, JHH

'Schnieders, L'

Schurer, H

Simons, HJ

Sluiter, JB

Smedinga, T

Spanjer, H

Spijkers, R

Sterkenburg, FJ

Stoep, A van der

Stuurman, A

Sijbrands, T

Tavernier, A

Timmer, AJ

Tol, JJ van

Velzen, JTh van

Verlouw, MH

Viergever, J

Vink, JC

Voormans, J

Vries, AJ de

Vuurboom, D

Waard, HC de

Wagter, J

Wal, J van der

Wilsens, H

Winter, J

Wit, J de

Wolf, G de

Wortman, J

Wuijtenburg, J

Yushkevitch, S

Zilevicius, S

Zubov, E

Zwart, AP de

      Thanks to Ardjan de Jong and Arne van Mourik for their valuable input and comments, to Eric van Dusseldorp for his 'first aid' to install moving diagrammes and to
                       Klaas Bor for his enormeous and fast effort to install the diagrammes (designed by Hendrik Veenstra and Wieger Wesselink) on this website!
                      Also in our Showroom with your favourite draught compositions? Send an e-mail to Tom Kieboom!
"Choosing is the most difficult part of the installation of an exhibition", a quote of a museum director (2013), is also valid for our draughts showroom!
Finally, free to Goethe (1802), "In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Webmeister": in the Turbo Dambase there are another 150.000 compositions! 
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