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June                    Month of  De ProblemistSubscribing?

Tom Kieboom
It was quite hard, but I had to decide for personal reasons to stop as
webmaster of this site.
I've done it for several years with great pleasure and learned a lot.
Hopefully, a successor will be found soon: it's grateful work!

In the meantime, look for NEWS on
Facebook  &  Twitter  of the KvD.

Once again, 40 pages full
with interesing articles,
problems, forcings and
end games, illustrated
with many diagrams,
photos and drawings!
(Source: Hub Simons, Hoofdlijn March & May 2017)
Solutions of issue 209
Twelve new problems
to solve in issue 210

Jaap Bus
June 6, 2017:

"This article is about a simple tool that might be used to teach young kids and others who

want to learn more about playing draughts. In particular how to calculate (simple) endgames.   

I applied it long ago and  rather quickly the kids  understood the first moves to be played and 

how to calculate a few moves ahead, till the chosen variant was completely clear to them.

Finally  they were very proud of being able to play all the variants.

Maybe some of you can apply this tool as well.


At the end it contains an adequate composition based upon the initial position of the tool."

Three evergreens of Kees van de Kuilen in the Showroom
(With thanks to Ardjan de Jong for the input)

Leen de Rooij: 'Troost met Timoneda'

 'Comfort with Timoneda'
During the momentary illness and after passing away of his wife Ria, Leen could find comfort with his draughts board.  

 We also compassionate intensively with his loss. 


End Games and More

Jaap Bus (May 17):
"This second article on my Blog (the first a year ago) is about the very old type of endgames called "Blankenaars",
with a new look at this genre applying the current rules concerning thematic variants.

For a number of readers of my Blog these complex Blankenaar endgames will not be their favorites. However,  even a quick look at it
will be enough to experience again the depth, complexity and beauty of our game."

Dirk Kleen
Left: arrangement of a beautiful
motif of himself with two sharp
Right: arrangement of an extension
of the motif towards three sharp

(Thanks to Ardjan de Jong for the input)
Jo Hobbelen

Work has been done on the Van der Klift motief, also participating?

Virmantas Masiulis:  Draughts working place #56

Leen de Rooij:  Draughts working place #57

See for further info:  Draughts working place #55

Which Rotterdam club will be the best/worst of the major league, next season?
After the football party in Rotterdam, one should start working again.

Like making a decent composition on the enclosed motif.

See further in the Draughts working place #55!

Both Feyenoord (left)
and Sparta (right) in the
football problems; the
solutions are coming on
Mother's Day, May 14!

The draughts problems 
give a sure win for white.

Source: Martin van Dijk, Reformato-
risch Dagblad of April 26, 2017.

Three 'tropical pears' of Herman Spanjer

have been added to the Showroom.

Source: Hein Wilsens, De Problemist April 2017, pp. 77-78.
(Source: Hub Simons, Hoofdlijn January & March 2017)
Solutions of  issue 207
Twelve new problems
to solve in issue 209


Van IJzendoorn-Meijer
Martijn van IJzendoorn winner Dutch championship 2017:
a brilliant stroke combination as example!

He played the most thrilling game the last day. Although the junior-worldchampion
already had the title, Martijn went for full gain against Hein Meijer.

That exemplary setting resulted in a memorable, unprecedented spectacular duel,
that gave the position on the left, after move 34.

It is the introduction to a quite unusual and unbelievable stroke combination,
with breakthrough to king. After five moves later, Martijn had won.
Just play it!

Source: Ton Sijbrands, de Volkskrant April 22 & 29, 2017   (Translation: Tom Kieboom).

To solve ánd to see in the Showroom about the 'Who & How' of these    (by clicking on the diagrams)

Source: the A-Z top-100 of Arne van Mourik. Including these four compositions, the Showroom now contains 326 problems.

          Complete De Problemist from Easter Bunny

       ... on-line ... as worldwide gesture to all draughters ...      
See also the two complete issues of  February 2016 and December 2014 

Arie van der Stoep, April 7:
          This problem with a 1x3x4x6x7 initial stroke

Received the webmaster, who always loves this*, as a present:

"Just now, my brain produced a problem inwhich white offers
7 (!) pieces by its first move: 42!, 41, 1, and always 1x49,
resulting in a new motif: (140) 40, 5+."*

I thanked Arie with the suggestion to add a preliminary bait move
38-32 (31-37?), but that made him not enthousiastic:

"We can ány problem present as bait move. I don't like that."^ 

In other words: bait move no, forcing yes!

(* For example, see De Problemist of April, p. 44, diagram 45)
^ English translation by Tom Kieboom

From A (Aandagt) via W (Winter & Wolf) to Z (Zwart) in the Showroom

Four problems of these problemists added from the A-Z top-100 of Arne van Mourik.

Click on their names to see directly these problems. On 'Showroom' for all the others! 

Arend Stuurman (1919-1996)

Was already there with three beautiful problems in the Showroom, from the top-81 of Ardjan de Jong.

This, however, contained another three beautiful compositions, that have now been placed in the
 Stuurman-affiliate of the Showroom!

(P.S. By technical reasons the number of problems per composer in the Showroom is restricted to three.
Therefore, affiliates are opened in order to show more problems of a problemist. Links to affiliates
are found in the Showroom.)

Tom Kieboom
Difference must be there

<- A tiny one of the webmaster

A giant of the chief editor ->

Source: column 'draughts' of Martin
van Dijk, Reformatorisch Dagblad
March 28, 2017.
Solutions may be sent until April 18.

Hein Wilsens


Leen de Rooij's e-mail of March 23 (translated):

"Inspired by a motif of Jan Scheijen and by the poem "May" of
 Herman Gorter, I've made a series of draughts problems
that fit the beginning spring.
I myself was very satisfied with this series, but, may-be, I'm not
really objective, search in 'nieuwe lentegeluiden'."

Duo duo's

Two complemental draughts problems as a beautiful whole:
"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!", see example.

(Source: Michiel Kroesbergen, Het Damspel March 2017)

Jannes van der Wal
Jaap Bus
Jaap Bus' e-mail of March 20:

The topic of this article is a kind of nostalgic reminiscence for me of a game
played long ago against one of the most remarkable draughts players ever.
The game contains a number of interesting moments, in particular where a
move that was not played would have lead to exciting variants.

*Can be read ánd played on his site End games and more!

Janus Wuijtenburg

Unexpectedly passed away, last December, on the age of 73.

Started rather late, when he was already fifty, with making problems: all of a sudden there were full-grown and often fantastic
constructions that met the sharp rules, so proving the hand of a master!

Hein Wilsens wrote an In Memoriam in De problemist of February 2017, including half a dozen beautiful draughts compositions
that can be now also seen, solved, and/oe played on-line with moving diagrams in the 'Wuijtenburg-affiliate'.

Another three ones can be found in the Showroom.

Jan Vink

Passed away last December on the age of 89.

Arne van Mourik wrote an In Memoriam in De Problemist of February 2017

Including a half-dozen creations that may be considered as the most
beautiful ones composed by this topproblemist.

One was already there in the Showroom, the five other ones can be seen,
solved, and/or played  with moving diagrams in the 'Vink-affiliate'.

Theo van den Hoek
Hein Wilsens

Brilliant, destructive, gamecombination of Hein Wilsens

Theo van den Hoek played in enclosed position innocently 22-28,
unknown of the impending doom.

As experienced problemist, Hein Wilsens reacted relentless!

Play this diagram on the left: game & problem hand in hand.

Played during the clubgame TDV1 (Tilburg) - Heijmans Excelsior
(Rosmalen) on March 9, 2017.

(With thanks to Henk van der Heijden for this beautiful game-example)

Alexander Golubev (1953-1984)

Find three problems of this topproblemist, died on such an early age, in the Showroom.

See now also another most fantastic 13x13 problem in the Golubev-affiliate!

(With thanks to Ardjan de Jong for this input)

New booklets of KNK

The KvD-society members Johan Krajenbrink and Lambert-Jan 
Koops have made four new issues in the series KNK.
This on behalf of the 2016 WC match between Roel Boomstra 
and Jan Groenendijk.
The booklets contain combination tests and practical 
combinations of both of them, including analytical considerations 
concerning their most inspiring victories from a technical point
of view.
The booklets cost 6 euro apiece, so 24 euro for the whole series.
Ordering by payment this amount to:
NL18 RABO 0312 9085 39 on the name of L.J.A. Koops
under mentioning your name and postal adress!

(Source: Hein Wilsens, De Problemist Februari 2017, p. 22)

E-mail Johan Bulstra:
(Source: De Problemist February 2017, p. 20)

Molecular 3-D draughts board synthesized!

"The last bastion of inertness has finally fallen:

At high pressures, about one million times as high as Earth's atmospheric pressure,
helium and sodium form a stable compound with a three-dimensional checkerboard-
like structure (see a part of it at the left). Sodiums are the purple spheres, heliums are
the green cubes, and electrons are the red regions."

Click on the 3-D board for the full article
(Chemical & Engineering News,
13 februari 2017)

Hub Simons, problems editor of Hoofdlijn,
makes now also again draughts problems ...
Three beautiful old ones are in the Showroom ...

Henk van der Heijden & Leen de Rooij in interaction on the
10x10 Draughts technics site of Henk Stoop.

Look at this cooperation in the Working place #54!

Solutions of the 'Mini-X-mas solution challenge' of Martin van Dijk

(De Problemist December 2016 and February 2017)

    The February issue is there:

    40 pages with more than
    250 diagrams, including
    notations, news, stories,
    and photographs!

 Help KvD-facebookmaker Henk van der Heijden to free his beautiful problem from side solutions!

Joeri Ermakov

Practical combinations of a breathtaking high level
. They cannot be judged by the SR-ruler as
they are living next to and not within the problemism. Enjoy the most wonderful scenes.
Warning: replaying may cause hyperventilation.

(Source: Hein Wilsens, De Problemist of August, October, and December 2016) 

Watch also this series of game-like compositions:
three have been placed in the showroom,
the other eighteen in his affiliate.

Vieuw his three
problems in the
showroom ánd the
other six ones in
his affiliate.

Each of them has
a special surprise!


Read his request given below ánd
scroll the attached pdf-file to see
and solve twelve new compositions.
The solutions will be given in due
time in the 208th issue of Hoofdlijn
and on the newspage of this site.
Tom Kieboom 
Hub Simons' request* (as English summary):
More than two years ago, Hub Simons succeeded Hein
Wilsens as editor of the column 'Problemism' in the
Dutch draughts journal 'Hoofdlijn'.
While many problemists send their compositions to
De Problemist for publication, just a few of them send
their work towards Hoofdlijn.
Therefore, other problemists are wellcomed very much
for publication in my column too.
Please, consider sending your problems by e-mail to and let the readers of Hoofdlijn^
also enjoy your work!

(*As 'guest speaker' of the problems column, De Problemist
of December 2016)

In the enclosed issue of Hoofdlijn, Hub Simons can write:

In addition to the wellknown names, there are two new-
comers, Tom Kieboom and Valdas Bieliauskas. I hope to
see more material from them in the future.

^ On the question of the KvD-webmaster "How started Hoofdlijn?",
Herman van Westerloo mailed on December 14, 2016:

"About 28 years ago, Harm Wiersma invited Nico Leemberg 
and me in Amsterdam with the proposal to start this journal."

Since then, these three founders still form the editorial board of
Hoofdlijn, so more than 200 issues long!


Germain Avid

George Post

Jannes van der Wal

Trio of draughts players with much love   
for the problemism, from left to right 
as moderate, great to ingenious player.

Click on the photo's to directly see,
solve and/or play a number of their

Source: H. Wilsens, De Problemist December 2016

Henk van der Heijden

Has been visited recently again quite frequently and used to share new poblems.
These fresh creations may and are replied in short time with comments by collegues,
and in a number of cases foreseen of suggestions for improvement.

In this way, it is a rapid and efficient Showroom & Draughts working place, a very nice
compliment of those on the KvD-website!

Become also follower of KvD-facebook: signing up can also at Henk van der Heijden.

The simple, beautiful, example on the left is from the 'facebookmaker' himself, 
January 19, 2017, that was improved by Joost de Heer within one day by transferring
the white man 48 to 47. Also small changes can be of importance!


A somewhat out-of-control hobby of the KvD-webmaster.

After a series of 6-, 7- and 8-stroke-choices, now a 9- 
and 10-stroke-choice are placed in the working place
for further possible revision.

Two débutantes in problemism
Gerard Benning

Last month, two new problemists presented 

Gerard Benning in De Problemist of December 2016
(Arne van Mourik's remark: No surprise that white and black
work towards a 2 by 3". The solution will appear in
De Problemist of April 2017.)

Evert Evers in the Reformatorisch Dagblad of 
December 27, 2016 (Martin van Dijk's remark: It's always
nice if a solver makes a problem maakt. Evert comes with a
successful debut, based on a draughts game.
See the solution of RD January 17, 2017.)
Evert Evers

Eric van Dusseldorp
Two opposite curiosa

Eric van Dusseldorp created an
11-man-stroke, including a retrograde 
from the 20x20 starting position.

Oege Dijkstra made a poblem with 
eight times a one-shot.

Scroll through the webpage Curiosa and
see both records* down under!
(* Still other records known?)

Oege Dijkstra

Tom Kieboom
Has made an 11x11 arrangement on the forcing of Michiel
Kroesbergen in order to get a sharper ending (diagram).

See the
Draughts working place #51.    Quite ugly but how sharp?

Right on the board, both white and black cannot really move.
At the left-hand side,  white wins with piece 48 through opposition,
after black's move 6-11, that is not absolutely sharp, unfortunately.

    Michiel Kroesbergen
    Editor 'PARTIJPROBLEMATIEK' (Game-problemism) of Het Damspel (The Draughts game),
    asks for help to arrange his probleem, based on a game-combination, towards a sharp end.

    Look, read and work further in the Draughts working place #51.

    (Source: Het Damspel December 2016, pages 12 and 17, diagrams 6 and 7)

Timoneda motif

Even 8,440 times used as an ending
of a draughts composition! But there
are more than 50,000 other motifs.

Is extended last year by  Rob Spijkers 
towards 56,129 motifs, of which now
35,034 can be searched on the site.

The parts 0, 1, 2, and 3A increased,
a new part 3B has been added

Robs retrospect (in Dutch) contains
interesting data of the growth of
the MotifMine, from 2007 till now.

70-year old Rob expects to be busy another three years to complete 
the MM in digital format and is insistently seeking a successor.
Who is willing to contact him?

See also the former News!

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